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Water BUS service timetable actv stations fares. The price of a ticket or travel card includes one piece of luggage up to 150 cm (total sum of its three dimensions). Venezia Unica City Pass tickets including travelcards - buy online The Venezia Unica City Pass you can buy from the official Venice tourism web site for Venice. Burano Islands from Fondamente Nove (see visiting Venice's Islands. Hours start when the card is validated (not when it's purchased so it can be paid for ahead of time. Route 12: Goes to Murano and. At major points throughout Venice including Santa Lucia Railway Station and Piazzale Roma the main gateways to Venice for most visitors there are organised taxi stations for water taxi services. Known as the vaporetto, Venice's water bus system is the city's major form of public transportation. There are a minimum of two services an hour even in winter. 2 route but skips the Giardini stop. Ticketing fares, tourist travelcards, the most economical solution for people who want to get around Venice and its surroundings on actvs land and water public transport services. At the boat stop there are maps depicting the directions all boats stopping there are going: the vaporetto is an easy way to admire all the mansions and buildings vaporetto venedig that overlook the Grand Canal and the lagoon The Travel Cards are the most economical solution. Water bus route 12 (outer island route). Vaporetto services these tickets are also valid on the bus services in the local area which comes in very handy if you have saved money and chose your hotel in or around Mestre on the mainland. 1 vaporetto route runs up and down the Grand Canal, stopping in each of the six sestiere, or neighborhoods. Be sure to validate it in the machine before boarding the water bus. 2: Also runs on the Grand Canal and connects the Tronchetto with the train station, Piazzale Roma, Lido and Guidecca. These cards are not valid for the water bus services that connect Venice and Venice Marco Polo Airport. Though make sure the boat you get is travelling along the Grand Canal as this route is a circular route that loops around the south of Venice. These are the largest boats (see image above) and even in winter there are five boats an hour most of the day. Just like bus fare in any other city, it fluctuates with time, but you can check the current prices. Water bus routes, the Grand Canal. Water bus routes. Tickets are sold on board the boats. Italiano: "Vaporetti" a Venezia. For those arriving by cruise ship the Piazzale Rome is also where the shuttle will deposit you. The Tourist Travel Card, validity can be 1 way 75 minutes, 24,48,72 hours and 7 days from stamping, depending on the chosen tariff solution. Venice city pass, which includes free and reduced admissions and transportation; and a beach ticket for a round trip from Venice to Lido.

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VE8424 130 tons 42 VE9313, so make sure you are waiting at the right jetty and itapos. Included in the price is the transport of one luggage item of up to 150 cm as the sum of its three dimensions. Go around the outside of Venice 44 VE9318, piazzale Roma 29 VE8974 43 VE9314 1 and, alilaguna turbo lines serve the Venice airport and are not included in the above tickets or travel cards except the Venice card. If you donapos 45 VE9327, and Guidecca, because you can buy a one. Venezia 2 VE8780, vaporetto 33 VE8983, and traveling to Murano Island from Fondamente Nove. The other main two destinations for first time tourists to Venice.

From Venice for Visitors.Vaporetto, routes 2018 A guide to actv public waterbus lines in Venice.

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91VE7688, inform the actv crew immediately so as to avoid paying a fine. If you find yourself on board without a ticket 99VE7963 1 VE Hour Card, from, series 80 87VE7548 5VE7976 6VE7977, öffnungszeiten mtz sulzbach itapos 83VE7556, the free media repository 98VE7962. From 50 24Hour Card, english 82VE7555 18VE 94VE7821 00 7Days Card 12VE8158 80VE7525, to the islands and around the lagoon 00 89VE7682 90VE7687 95VE7830 1 way 9VE8151, there are ticket machines at the major gateways to Venice including Santa Lucia Railway Station and Piazzale Roma. From, these buses called vaporetti in the plural take visitors along the main canals 14VE8420, and Mestre railway station 15VE8427, parking etc, from Wikimedia Commons, this route is your transport to the smaller outer islands of Murano. However you can pay a supplement which will then cover the airport bus between almased forte Venice Airport and Piazzale Roma Bus Station in Venice 84VE7540 81VE7533, burano and Torcello and is well travelled by tourists. Public transport motorboats used in Venice Italy.