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Lüneburg travel guide - Wikitravel also the departure point for many regional bus routes to, for example, the outlying villages of Deutsch Evern, Wendisch Evern, Embsen, Melbeck, Scharnebeck and destinations in the districts of Amelinghausen, Bleckede, Dahlenburg and Neetze. As bread and salt were considered to be the most precious things for a family's living, the wish is that they should never be without. Upon reservation, the place offers massages of all types, private floating baths, a relaxarium, and other cosmetic services. Michael's Church (Michaeliskirche Auf dem Michaeliskloster. 56-82 for a double room. The Stint ( Am Stint ) used to be the street where all the nightlife was. Edit Shanghai Chinese Restaurant (China-Restaurant Shanghai Schießgrabenstr. Each year the Christmas Market also sets up on this location, beginning in the first week of Advent. Edit Kunsthotel Residenz, Munstermannskamp 10, (fax: 7599175. The Indian restaurant in Lüneburg's historic Altstadt. New building ceased and Lüneburg survived relatively unscathed by war, which is why the town centre has largely managed to preserve its medieval character. Edit The Old Dubliner, Am Stintmarkt. Edit Salon Struwwel-Peter Internet Cafe, Pieperstraße 22, Bardowick,. The original crane was erected in the Middle Ages, although the current design dates to the 18th century. Edit Das Stadthaus, Am Sande 25, (fax: 404198. There is also a line to Lübeck on the Baltic Coast via Lauenau. 88-98 for a double room. Edit Hospital Zum Roten Hahn, Roterhahnstraße. This is a very reasonably priced traditional steak house with meals for under 10 edit Lanzelot Restaurant-Cappuccino-bar, Wandfarberstrasse 7, 21335 Luneburg. Edit Contact edit Dial code edit The national dial code for Lüneburg is 04131. Edit Das Restaurant in Luneburg - Elrado-House, Am Markt 4, Luneburg,. Other houses collapsed due to this loss of stability, but this one remained. Walsrode, some 50 minutes away, is famed for its amazing Bird Park ( Vogelpark ) Don't miss the incredible and amusing flight displays. 27 (Next to the SaLü spa centre; just follow the Hotel-Touristik-Route (yellow house on a brown background (fax: 407141.

11, note that the accident emergency number is 112. Apr9 Sep 0, all year round 30 and 17, the voluted gables were generally erected in the late 16th to 17th centuries. Es gibt noch 1 weitere Schwimmbad in Bienenbüttel 00 daily, in the summer, lüneburg was originally overshadowed by the village of Bardowick to the north 3014, the fish market is also where visitors can board boats to ride on the Ilmenau river. Many concerts are offered yearwide including several short organ concerts 2 hotel evenings a week.

Although salt has not been mined industrially since 1980, you can still enjoy its benefits in the two large salt baths in the.They are adjacent to the.SaLü saltwater thermal baths, in which, lüneburg s saline spring still wells up to this day.

Weekly market in Market Square Market Markt filialen 000, drive or 45 minutes train ride away. He switched to playing the harpsichord to accompany the choir. The town lies about 50 km southeast.