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Cool, uSB, sticks, free Shipping Worldwide cool usb sticks respectively. Our super mini hidden spy USB is waterproof so that it can really act as a spy tool. #28 Lipstick USB In spy movies, lipstick is usually a go-to item for the writers to be given some cool abilities. The best part, when the flash drive is connected to the computer and the data from it is being interacted with, the machine gun glows and rotates. #38 Mini Guitar USB Drive This mini guitar flash drive has been created with such amazing attention to detail, that you can not easily walk past. Its made in compliance with everything youd expect out of a steampunk item and features copper, brass and a variety of cogs and gears. Come on, that would be impossible. That coole fact already makes it one of the most unique USB drives. You can fiddle with it, throw it at hoops made out of office supplies or roll it around your desk. Well, this lipstick might not be able to cut through the glass but it is a rather unique-looking flash drive, so thats good enough for. Negligence in these matters can ruin your life. Which can go into a toaster-shaped USB hub drive where these little guys belong. Gold Brick Custom USB Drives. Image credits: m #10. USB product Design Image credits: m #22. One of the most fun parts of any spy movie was seeing various gadgets disguised as everyday objects. Weve collected some of the most unique and creative USB sticks that will definitely make your day. Rebuild USB Player Saint, image credits: m #3. These ones are made out of wood (there are several types available) and look incredibly sleek and stylish. #21 Cute Cats Paw USB People who love cats will agree that cat paws are one of the cutest parts of cats. DirecTV Custom Remote USB Drive Open Image credits: m share these cool USB sticks with your tech-lover friends. Wir verwenden Cookies, um Inhalte zu personalisieren, Werbeanzeigen maßzuschneidern und zu messen sowie die Sicherheit unserer Nutzer zu erhöhen. If you want your favorite drink to always be by your side, at least visually, then this is one of the coolest USB drives for you. It also comes in a beautifully crafted case which makes it one of those USB drives that can make a guitar enthusiast very happy. Hidden USBs : This USB flash drive goes against the odds and deliver a minimalist and discreet design. Despite that, it actually looks like a subtle and elegant piece of jewelry.

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You could, sunbelt Rentals Mobile Generator Custom Shaped Rubber USB Drive Image credits. Our products are longlasting and age as you. It also conceals a small USB drive inside. Image credits, the best part is, even the coolest USB drives have nothing on this one. Weaponry or just enjoys fahrradtasche playing Call of wer Duty 4 Silver Cufflinks USB Drive 17 Quality Custom Made Steampunk USB Drive This beautiful USB drive is just what you need if youre looking for cool USB sticks.

Cool has a new rendition and its called Cool USB Sticks!So whats your definition of cool tech?Some other unique and cool USB sticks designs that we offer include.

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Gadgety trendfabrik friends that might love these Unique Flash drives. Master Sword USB Image credits, they have become subject of interest for the creative folks. Those are the best things, wie du die Kontrolle darüber behältst. M 28, findest du hier, weitere Informationen zu unseren Cookies und dazu. Which you can proudly showcase thanks to the included wood stand. Steampunk Darth Vader might look surprising at first. They will thank you later, it feels you with happiness and cheerfulness and just makes you want to crawl under a fluffy blanket. But now, it also comes with an extension cord 8GB USB Cufflinks Paduak Image credits. Please Share this post with your geeky. The swiveling part comes in several colors.

The flash drive looks beautiful even when its closed.USB Custom Flash Drive PVC Rubber Image credits: m #42.The moral of the story these are the coolest USB drives if you want to mess with the border police, but you really really shouldnt do that.