Los Colorados: The Story Life

The idea to create a band appeared in 2006 during a friendly hangoutThe boys then practiced at a mutual base with another band. After one of the rehearsals, which was accompanied by a creative rampage, musicians left behind, to put it mildlya mess. The next morning, another band came to practice. When they saw the mess, they exclaimed: “Oh, you pests, just like those beetles, why have you left such a mess!” 

And we thought that if beetles, then Colorado beetles - the most common type of insect on Ukrainian potato gardens. However, the term LOS COLORADOS is primarily associated with the fact that we are immortal, you know? For Colorado potato beetle is such a beast which, in fact, is impossible to exterminate: no poison can work” – this is how the name is explained by a band leader Ruslan Prystupa. – “And for more fun, we added a hint of flamboyance to the name – changed it with a Hispanic twist. Which is natural, when we consider that first Europeans who reached the shores of the Colorado River, were Spanish conquerors and explorers” :o)) 

A young Ternopil band instantly gained fame in 2009 after its witty rehash on Katy Perry’s Hot & Coldthe Colorados’s interpretation became known as the Katia Perova’s song – You're hot and cold”. This is how it started.

Once on a party our chaps heard a still fresh hit of an American singerThe musicians immediately started to try out that tuneInitially, the work was in a complete electric” version. Soon the band LOS COLORADOS was invited to visit one of the local TV stations in Ternopiľ, having previously asked them to play something live with acoustic version, because there was no technical possibility to efficiently bring online rock sound of the team. 

Then we found a bayan for our soloist (which he hadn’t played for already God knows how many years), a double-bass for the bass-guitar player, which he had never played at all, unearthed a drum with a hole” – recalls guitarist Rostyslav Fuk [fook]. – Made three rehearsals bumts-bumts” and Katia Perova’s song was ready”. 

Since the guys were focused on a big stage, on all tele-audience”, the day they dressed serious suits and ties: which until now they had never done on stage. Unforgettable scene was spiced with mocking English pronunciation of Colorados’s bayan player RuslanThe fact is that he does not speak English at all, and he memorized the text from a note which guitarist Rostyk had prepared for himEnglish words were written there... with Cyrillic capital letters:-)) 

Another fact added more fuel to the fire. The footage with Katya Perova” from Ternopiľ “farvision” was shown on a famous in the USA Ellen DeGeneres Show, where the host announced the guys as “a band from Ukraine – a country located somewhere near Canada, but certainly not in the U.S.!” As a result, today the total number of views of LOS COLORADOS’s Katy Perry cover only on one source has reached more than 3.8 million! 

Total views of this video from different sources exceeded 7 millionAnd what is more remarkable is that these views have been gained by purely natural waywithout artificial clicking”! This achievement can be considered the greatest among all Ukrainian singers and bands during the existence of the domestic entertainment industry.

Even Katy Perry herself honored the Ternopiľ band having placed Colorados’s cover in her blog (entry dated March 23, 2009). Her review of the “beetles” was brief but concise«inspiring».

After such success in virtual space, the Los Colorados came to quite down-to-earth demand. For example, the group became the first live” rock band on "Kazantip” – electronic music partyBefore “Ternopiľ beetles” no rockers have ever played there! The band was invited to performances in Poland, Lithuania, and even most important – to play even at the weddings;o)) 

In autumn 2011 in cooperation with the FDR Media Service was recorded and run on air the first in LOS COLORADOS’s history, «adult», made ​​according to the all requirements of the entertainment field, forerunner – a song Indie Boy – in two readingsrock and acousticThe thing was firmly grounded in the Ukrainian ROCK 20 and lasted there as long as 16 weeks! Not bad at all for a little known at the time band, which has no “broad shoulders” ;о) 

In the summer of 2011 an incredible event, which can be only compared to winning a US “Green Card Lottery”, broke in the life of the singing quartet :o)) A leading German channel ZDF invited LOS COLORADOS to participate in the recording of a TV promo for “Euro-2012” football (soccer) championship. For that Colorados interpreted on a humorous manner a well-known American & European hit I Like To Move It.

This was followed by a “German” span in the band’s timeline. The musicians were offered a cooperation by Motor Music – the label known in particular by releasing into the world all the early, classic, so to speak, records of an unknown nowadays band Rammstein ;o)) January-September 2012 LOS COLORADOS lived in Berlin, continually performing on German stages and engaging in various television and radio shows. Overall, the team ran over 20 thousand kilometers on German highways traveling from performance to performance. But the following are the most interesting achievements considered by the guys. 

Firstlythe group appeared twice infront of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin in front of a million of viewersIt happened at the Fan Mile during a ¼ final and final meeting of the Euro-2012 football championship. Let’s agree, not every Western artist is honored with such a respectable mission, and here – simple boys from Ternopiľ... ;)) 

Secondly, LOS COLORADOS cover to I Like To Move It went up to the 44th step of a weekly German radio chartYes, of course, it’s still far away to the first dozen, but for starters, you see, it is not that bad!

Thirdlythe group prepared a signature tune to a well-known program SportStudio (ZDF, Germany) in their own way. This program has come out for over 25 years but never has anyone tried to remake its iconic musicjazz-like introLOS COLORADOS have managed this!

And finally – the last, specialthe group released in Germany their first-borntheir first album Move ItIt is clear that this album was aimed primarily “for export”, for Western European buyer. That is why most of the tunes are in English. It was recorded in a studio FUZZ FACTORYand the producer was Michael Tibes, whose experience includes cooperation with Helloween, Sarah Brightman, Kingdom Come, AL Bano & Romina Power and many many other celebrities.

The core of this CD became interpretations of the western hits, including: Be My Lover (La Bouche), U Can't Touch This (MC Hammer), Du Hast (Rammstein), Rhythm Is A Dancer (Snap!), The Passenger (Iggy Pop) and others. All of them in the band’s interpretation acquired a sign Colorados” sound which German managers outlined as “polka-punk”.

Though, a third of the CD contains band-own records which, however, were adjusted to English and German languages, and sometimes interspersed with Ukrainian. In particular, My Sweet Mila and Indie Boy were translated in English.

June 1, 2012 world edition of LOS COLORADOS debut album titled was released. September 14 Ukrainian publisher “Nash Format” (Our Format) released the “home” edition of the CD, but has a different title: SHMIRAKY.

Both records, in addition to different titles, have a number of other differences. Because people in Ukraine are used to measure songs by weight, home edition contains three songs more than German one. And in addition to records − a video Only in Lemberg, about the city of Ľviv, Colorados’s true love! 

SHMIRAKY increased proportion of Ukrainian songs. Here are songs absent on a German CD: 
− Твоя Мама (Your Mother) 
− Тільки Ві Львові  (Only in Lemberg)
 [unlike the video – this song is completely in Ukrainian] 
 Indie Boy – Ukrainian version 
(German album has only English acoustic version).

Wonder-name SHMIRAKY comes from the Galician dialect, which means something like scum”, “rascals”, “idlers”, “slut” and so on. In one word – punks ;o)) However, it also contains a reference to the German past of the band. The point is this word came into Western Ukrainian (at the time of Manufactures and arrival of the first agricultural machineryfrom the German languageFrom German Schmiere – dirt, or from German spoken Schmer – grease, lubrication. Dudes picked this word somewhere among folks, and for a bunch of years they have called each other this name, saying, for ex.: Move your assesshmiraky, time to go play a gig” ;)) 

Nowadays the band accumulates material for the second album. LOS COLORADOS’s song-storage counts under seventy songs, which, of course, couldn’t be squeezed in one disc. A number of agricultural hits were left outside the CD. The band’s rock baggage is known to their longtime fans, but whoever heard live these songs at least once, they will remember them for a long time! Such hits as Pomidory (Tomatoes)Korova (Cow), Reellya (Ploughed Land)Tyotya Lyuba (Aunt Lyuba), Tsytsya-Hodivnytsia (Breast-Feeder). This is not surprising, because they have a large share of witjoke and mockery!

Anyway, LOS COLORADOS promise that in the foreseeable future a wide audience will discover a different image of the band and will hear their own original songs, which are not worse than Colorados’s covers. In December 2012, supported by a network FDR MEDIA SERVICE, another radio-hit was launched – Your Mom (Like a Mad Deer). Although the song was included in the first album, in fact it can be considered the beginning of the next LP!

[Thanxx a lot to Nick Harko for the English translation of the band's story!]